Artisans Employment Guarantee Scheme - Maharashtra State Khadi and Village Industries Board, Mumbai

Artisans Employment Guarantee Scheme

This Scheme is being implemented in the State since 1972-73. with the joint co-operation of Reserve Bank, Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank, State Government and Khadi and Village Industries Commission.

‘C’ class municipal areas are included in the jurisdiction of the Scheme. Artisans in traditional industries, generally found in rural areas, such as pottery, Carpentry & Black smithy, Leather, Faber, Cane & Bamboo, Processing of Cereals-Pulses, Wool, Village Oil, were included in this scheme. However, with the span of period and taking into consideration the employment situations, traditional artisans from some other village industries also have been included in the scheme.

Under the year 2016-17 scheme, a total of 311 Multi Purpose Cooperative Societies of Traditional Artisans (Balutedar) have been formed at the Block Level with a total registered membership of 13959 artisans in the State during the year under report.

The members of Balutedar Societies are provide with necessary financial assistance in the form of composite loan and cash credit through Dist. Central Co-op. Banks under the NABARD Refinance Schemes.

During the year under report 636 have been given Composite Medium-term loan of Rs. 80.28 lacks (Statement No. 19). During the period from 1989-90 to Mar. 2016, 1128 artisans have been disbursed loan to the tune of 155.45 lacks under NABARAD Refinance Scheme.

Under this scheme, various Village Industries Products of Rs. 128554.68 lacks were produced and products worth Rs. 191000.29 lacks were sold. As a result 285678 people were provided with employment opportunities comprising of full time wages of Rs. 65767.58 lacks and part time wages of Rs.6011.78 lacks to males & females. (Statement No.8-A)

The working units under the Scheme during the year under report included 87755 artisans belonging to Scheduled Castes, 10537 artisans of Scheduled Tribes; Minority artisans comprised of 3519 Muslims, 230 Christians, 199 Parsi artisans. (Statement No.12A /12B/ 12C1/ 12C2 / 12C3). The Scheduled Caste/ Tribes and minority artisans have produced village industries products worth Rs. 190379.99 lacks and these were sold out for Rs. 290379.42 lacks which provided employment opportunities to 354544 persons.

Under this scheme, contribution collected in the ratio of 1:2 of the Share Capital from the artisan’s members of the Balutedar Societies is given to the society by the Cooperation department of the State Govt.