Board Structure - Maharashtra State Khadi and Village Industries Board, Mumbai

Board Structure


The progress made under various Schemes & Programme during the financial year 2016-17

  1. Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme:-

During the year under report, Banks have sanctioned Rs. 1662.61 lacks as loan to 772 Beneficiaries.

  1. Special component Plan:-

Under this Scheme, Rs. 100.00 lacks Were disbursed as subsidy to 2135 beneficiaries

  1. Artisans Employment Guarantee Scheme:-

The membership of the Balutedaar Societies has increased to the tune 31st March 2017 of Out of these 10959 artisans has been disbursed Rs. 80.28 lacks as medium term loan and cash credit NABARD Refinance Scheme.

  1. Loan Recovery:-

An amount of Rs. 66.84 lacks was recovered out of the Loans disbursed under Normal, CBC and A.E.G. Scheme.

  1. Marketing Programme:-

During the year under report the Marketing turnover reached to Rs. 5.61 lacks by this Rs. 1.53 lacks were earned by the Board as service charges.

  1. Unit Registration:-

32 Village industries units were registered and were issued the Registration certificates during the year 2016-17 under report. –

  1. Production, Sales and Employment:-

Out of financial assistance made available to the Institutions/ Coop. Societies/ Individuals, under Normal/ C.B.C./ A.E.G./ REGP Scheme and PMEGP 404233 people were provided employment including existing and fresh units as well. They have produced various Village Industries Products worth Rs. 202030.17 lacks and these goods were sold for Rs. 298225.51 lacks.

Part – I

  1. Constitution of the Board

Maharashtra State Khadi and Village Industries Board was established in 1962 under Section 19 of the Bombay Khadi and Village Industries Act, 1960.

As per provision under the Act, minimum 5 and maximum 7 members are appointed on the Board by the Government. Government appoints one member as Chairman and another member as Vice-Chairman, from amongst the members appointed by the Government

Government also Chief Executive Officer of the Board as Member Secretary of the Board.


The State Government has established Maharashtra State Khadi & Village Industries Board, under the Bombay Khadi & Village Industries Act, 1960, to encourage, organise, develop and regulate the development Khadi & Village Industries programme in the State.

The Board undertakes the following functions for achieving these objectives:

  1. To provide financial assistance and technical guidance for Khadi & Village Industries under the purview of the Board.

  1. To make arrangements for providing raw materials to the Co-operative Societies/Institutions/Individual artisans and entrepreneurs and for sale of their finished products, to assist in organisation of Co-operative Societies of artisans to solve the problems faced by them.

  1. To ensure proper assistance to the artisans by bringing about co-ordination among various government and semi-government bodies connected with the day- to-day working of these Institutions.

  1. To provide training to the traditional artisans in the use of modern total and Equipments to increase their production capacity and earnings.

  1. To provide necessary training facilities for Institutions/Societies/engaged industries involving technical know, now and to provide training to Educated youth in management of these Institutions/Societies.

  1. To undertake research and developmental work in the field of Khadi and Village Industries.

7) To propagates the usefulness of village industries through various publicity Media such as exhibitions, seminars, radio and television.

8) To encourage development of new village industries in rural areas and Ensure their growth so as to stop the influx of rural entrepreneurs to urban Area.

9) To provide employment opportunities to maximum persons at minimum economic investment and ensure environmental balance.