BEE-KEEPING INDUSTRY - Maharashtra State Khadi and Village Industries Board, Mumbai



The Directorate of Beekeeping was established in 1946 at Mahabaleshwar

Main Objectives

  1. To provide self-employment to beekeepers
  2. To undertake Research, Training & Development activities
  3. To provide healthy bee colonies and equipments at reasonable rates
  4. Purchase of honey, wax and by­product at guaranteed rates


The Board is implementing the beekeeping scheme for the purpose of spreading pollination by providing bee boxes to the farmers and for generating additional employment for the beekeepers in the State. The Board’s departmental unit viz. the apiculture institute set up at mahabaleshwar is carrying out research, development and extension programme. The funds recieved by the Board for this programme from

1. Horticulture department fo government of India
2. Planning Department of the State Government for Western Ghat development Programme
3. Khadi & Village Industries comission for the regular programme of the Board under Bee-keeping Industry.

The Board has set up a Departmental centre — Bee-keeping Institute, at Mahabaleshwar, District Satara with a view to impart training in Bee-keeping to traditional Bee-keepers and poor farmers in the hilly areas, provide them with financial assistance and technical guidance and also a source of supplementary income.

The center undertakes the work of imparting training in beekeeping, supply of bee boxes, providing technical guidance, supply of bee-colonies, distribution of bee queens, capturing of colonies and breeding of new colonies, production of honey through nursery colonies, research, processing of honey, sale of honey and wax etc.

With a view to impart training in bee-keeping to traditional bee keepers and to poor farmers in the hilly areas, provide them financial assistance technical guidance and also a source of supplementary income. The Board has set up a Departmental Centre viz. Beekeeping Institute, at Mahabaleswar, District Satara. This centre undertakes various activities under Beekeeping such as Training, Supply of Bee Boxes & Bee Colonies, Technical Guidance, and distribution of Queen Bees, Bee colonies collection & breeding, and Honey Production through nursery colonies, Research & processing of honey, Sale of honey & Bees wax etc.

Information of the Beekeeping Schemes & Programmes is as follows.

1) Under western Ghat Development Programme / Marathwada Development Programme of Beekeeping 6 Bee Boxes of Satteri / Meliphera Bees and 30 Honey Extraction Machines of satteri / Meliphera Bess were distributed During the year under report.

2) Training- During the year under report 815 beneficiaries were imparted the training of Beekeeping.

  1. Honey to the tune of 12,540.565 Kgs. Was manufactuered by Bee Keepers during the year report.

Honey Processing & Sales Department.

  1. Honey Purchase & Sales.

During the year under report honey to the tune of 12,540.565 Kgs. Were purchased from Beekeepers and other places, costing Rs. 24,05,756/- Honey them purchased was sold in lose from & seal packed bottles to the tune 7040.480 Kgs. For Rs. 41,65,975/-

  1. Purchase & Sales of Wax.

During the year under report Board Board purchased 347.200 Kgs. Of wax worth Rs. 53,599/- This wax was Sold after duly processed and duly convert into the sheets for Rs. 118.100 worth of Rs. 24,818/-

Sale of Jam, Jelly, Crush and Syrup:-

During the year under report an amount of Rs. 4,61,008/- was incurred on the purchase of Jam, Jelly Crush and Syrup. These goods were sold for Rs. 5,43,210 /- Sales Section of this center has earned a gross profit of Rs. 11,40,369/- during the year under report.

This year center organised 31 seminars 3467 trainee were particiapated, in order to propagate about this Industry and for sale of honey.